The VFX Advantage


What makes a film a visual masterpiece? How do successful filmmakers make their films engaging and entertaining at the same time? After working with some of the best filmmakers around the world, we have identified a pattern which can not be ignored.


Show Breathtaking Locations

Imagine your film with shots of breathtaking locations and mesmerizing environments. Locations so beautiful that they can exist only in your imagination. Like the environments of the Hollywood Blockbuster Avatar. Imaginative yet so important that your story will not be the same without it.

Discuss your ideas with us. We will turn your imagination into photo-realistic environments. The audience will not be able to forget you and your story will thank you.

Add Unforgettable Characters

Who hasn't seen talking chipmunks or flying aliens? Your audience will either love them or hate them. The only thing they won't be able to do is to ignore them. Their presence will keep your story supercharged and your audience captivated.

Imagine having one such character in your film. Let us know what you are looking for. They are not too far from where we live.

Make changes even after the "Final Take"

Ideas can come at the most unexpected moments, sometimes long after the shoot is done. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could implement these ideas even though the shoot is done? Imagine the peace of mind it would bring to you and your crew.

Go ahead and shoot the film of your life. If you need changes later, we have got you covered.

Hide things you wouldn't want the audience to see

You and your crew work so hard to ensure everything is where it is supposed to be. More importantly, nothing is where it should not be. But, mistakes happen. Sometimes the mic comes in the frame. Sometimes a coffee mug is found in the wrong place.

Good news is that we can fix these mistakes. Once we are done, you’ll never know they were there in the first place.


the best customer service experience I have had in the film industry

“Working with Vishal at Early Den Arts was the best customer service experience I have had in the film industry. They were able to complete the work on time, on budget and with a high production quality. Vishal always made sure we were happy with the product and was in constant communication.

I would highly recommend them for your VFX, no matter where in the world you are based.”



“Early Den Arts has rendered VFX services for a Telugu feature film that has been line produced by Vinoothna Geetha Media & directed by me. Their professionalism towards time & quality has been par excellence. I have found the team be well informed about the requirements & the communication was exceptionally clear.

I have no hesitation in recommending Early Den Arts to those in need of professional VFX services in short delivery periods.”


I would recommend them to anyone in need of top notch VFX work

“Video and film production is all about teamwork. A great team is comprised of talented professionals who are committed to the big picture - creatively pushing the envelope to achieve the grand vision. The Early Den team was more than committed, they took ownership of the project and assured that I was completely satisfied at every stage of execution. I would recommend them to anyone in need of top notch VFX work. It was a pleasure working with Early Den; I look forward to future collaborations.“