Founded in 2014, by a group of VFX pros with years of experience and award-winning Hollywood films in their portfolio.


Early Den Arts is our tribute to all those who fueled our passion for visual effects and inspired us to work with the highest values. Here are some of the films we worked on before we started Early Den Arts.


All rights reserved by the owners and creators of these films.



Founder & VFX Supervisor

The visual effects industry had captivated him always and at 19, Vishal Bhardwaj found himself beginning his career at one of the World’s top-five VFX studios. Today, with over 20 Hollywood films and 10+ years experience in his portfolio, Vishal now heads Early Den Arts, providing innovative post-production solutions to filmmakers across the globe.


Pratik r. Prabhan

Creative Partner

Pratik R. Prabhan who heads a quirky video production house, Attaboy films, happened to be among Early Den Arts’ first few clients. But their synergy worked so well that Pratik came aboard as the Creative Partner of Early Den Arts. Now, Vishal & Pratik collaborate to offer integrated production & post production services under one umbrella.